Wellbeing Panel Moderators


Palliative Medicine Specialist

Anne O’Callaghan is a palliative medicine specialist at Auckland Hospital and teaches at the University of Auckland Medical School.  She has been fortunate to learn ways of communicating with patients and healthcare staff that enhance human connection and promote healing. Through her doctoral study she determined the kind of environment in which thriving is possible for patients, whanau and healthcare professionals alike, and is keen to enhance these environments for the benefit of all.


Medical Adviser for MPS, General Practitioner


Dr Samantha King is a graduate of Otago Medical School.  She has worked in General Practice and A&M clinics in Auckland since 1991 and is a Fellow of the College of General Practitioners.  She also holds a Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and a Masters in Healthcare Law and Ethics. She has been with MPS since 2012 and now works full time as a Medical Adviser whilst still doing some clinical work. As a member of the Medical Protection faculty, Sam regularly presents at workshops, conferences and practices throughout New Zealand.  Sam is married with 3 children. She enjoys kayaking and fishing.

Wellbeing Panelists

Dr. Nadia AlI

PGY3, University of Auckland

Nadia graduated from the UoA School of Medicine in 2016 and is currently working in Auckland. She is passionate about the wellbeing of medical students and doctors and believes we must work towards adopting a more caring, open and understanding culture at medical school and in the workplace.


Christina Beckmann

Trainee Intern, University of Otago

Christina Beckmann is an Otago University Trainee Intern who took on Timaru as a more hands-on approach to learning. Having returned from a year long voyage away from medicine between 5th and 6th year, she realised that pursuing your hobbies full time is incredibly fun and challenging, but tramping, painting, and writing eventually begins to lack luster without the structure of a job to come home from in the evenings.


Charlie Lin

NZMSA Wellbeing Officer; Year 5, University of Auckland

Charlie is a 5th year based at Middlemore Hospital and is the current NZMSA Wellbeing Officer. He has particular interests in the experiences of bullying and discrimination amongst medical students in New Zealand, as well medical student wellbeing and mental health awareness. He's thoroughly enjoyed organising the Wellbeing Panel with Rebecca, and hopes that the delegates can glean some pearls of wisdom from the session. In his spare time, Charlie enjoys singing, cooking, and photography. His side interests also include collecting various tote bags and funky-printed socks.