Breakout Speakers


Dr Samantha Murton

President, RNZCGP

Dr Samantha Murton was voted President of The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners in 2018. She is the third female to hold this position in the College's 45 year history, and was also the organisation’s first Medical Director. Dr Murton works as a GP in Wellington, and is a Distinguished Fellow of the College. She has been involved with medical education for many years in the General Practice Education Programme and as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago.

Dr Murton will be presenting a session called “You can do this.”

When most of us start off in medicine we have an idealistic view of what our career journey will be. This may or may not come true but even if it does we all have times when it can be tough, when we have to step up, when we have to make ourselves heard, stand up for ourselves, and sometimes just push on. What skills do we need to do this? This interactive session will explore what enables us to persevere, how we achieve what we want and keep ourselves balanced in the process.

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Emergency Medicine Consultant

Originally from Taranaki, Dr. Lash now works at Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland where he enjoys the diverse and often complex patients and presentations. He has been actively involved in medical student education for 6 or 7 years and is currently a Senior Lecturer and ED attachment coordinator  with the University of Auckland. He enjoys both bedside clinical teaching and formal tutorial and lecture teaching. One of his important roles is providing pastoral support to medical students especially early in their clinical careers, a time many students find unfamiliar and stressful.

Dr Lash will be running an emergency skills workshop: “Introduction to chest drains and joint aspiration.”


Chlöe Swarbrick

Politician, activist, journalist

Chlöe cut her political teeth as a 22 year old, running a ground-breaking campaign for election as the Mayor of Auckland in 2016. She is now a Green Party MP, and Aotearoa’s youngest MP in 40 years. She brings to parliament her experience as a policy wonk, journalist, business owner and a community project leader. She is focused on opening up parliament and politics to all New Zealanders, so they can see themselves in it and take part in making Aotearoa a great place for everyone.

Chlöe is the Green Party spokesperson on: Education (including Tertiary), Open Government, Sensible Drug Law Reform, Local Government, Arts Culture & Heritage, Small Business, Broadcasting, Mental Health and Youth.

In addition to running a breakout session at conference, Chlöe is also representing the Green Party on the Political Panel.



Professor of Maternal Fetal Medicine

Peter Stone is Professor of Maternal Fetal Medicine in the University of Auckland and formerly Head of Department in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. His postgraduate training was in Britain, gaining a Doctor of Medicine based on Doppler studies in fetal growth restriction from the University of Bristol. After working in Wellington at the University of Otago for 11 years, where he set up the Maternal Fetal Medicine service, he moved to Auckland in 1998. In 2008-9 he was instrumental in commencing the processes leading to the development of the New Zealand Maternal Fetal Medicine Network .

Professor Stone is running a workshop on Women’s Health - Experience with Ultrasound and Intrauterine Systems.”

Mr Andrew Connolly

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General Surgeon, former MCNZ chair, Member of NZ Order of Merit

Andrew Connolly is a General & Colorectal surgeon at Middlemore Hospital and has been head of Department of General & Vascular Surgery for the last 15 years.  He has recently completed 5 years as Chair of the Medical Council and has served on several Ministerial committees and review groups including the 2015 review of the Capability and Capacity of the Health System.

Dr. Renee Liang

Paediatrician, artist, poet, advocate

Renee Liang considers herself a storyteller in her two careers, medicine and arts (with a small side of research). She is a paediatrician at Waitematå DHB, and Asian lead for Growing Up in NZ. She is a performance poet, arts journalist, and collaborates on visual arts works, film and music. She believes in the power of the arts for community change and runs events such as New Kiwi Women Write, a writing workshop series for migrant women. Renee has written, produced and toured seven plays and published eight anthologies of migrant women’s writing, written libretto for an opera, lyrics for a musical, and the story for an interactive computer game. In 2018 she was recognised with Member of the NZ Order of Merit for services to the Arts and won NEXT Woman of the Year for Arts and Culture.  Her two best projects are 5 and 6 years old.


Medical Advisor for MPS, General Practitioner

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Dr Samantha King is a graduate of Otago Medical School.  She has worked in General Practice and A&M clinics in Auckland since 1991 and is a Fellow of the College of General Practitioners.  She also holds a Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and a Masters in Healthcare Law and Ethics. She has been with MPS since 2012 and now works full time as a Medical Adviser whilst still doing some clinical work. As a member of the Medical Protection faculty, Sam regularly presents at workshops, conferences and practices throughout New Zealand.  Sam is married with 3 children. She enjoys kayaking and fishing.

Dr King will be presenting the breakout session “How to punch above your weight.”

As a student you may feel relatively powerless and this feeling may not subside when you become a House Officer.  In this interactive session we will explore a number of challenging medicolegal situations you may face, including how to speak up for safety, what to do when feeling bullied or harassed and managing a complaint. This session aims to empower you to face these challenges successfully so you can get on with the main job of caring for patients.


Dr Fiona Bolden

General Practitioner, Chairperson of NZ Rural GP Network

Dr Fiona Bolden is the NZ Rural General Practice Network’s Chairperson. Fiona has been a rural GP for 25 years. She initially started in the West Country (UK) and for the past 17 years has been in the West Coast of the North Island. She served on the Network Committee between 2010 and 2015, returning after a two year gap when she was solely dedicated to her practice in Raglan. She worked for Midlands PHO as a clinical lead in mental health and addictions for four years and has been on the Midlands Rural SLAT since 2012. She was part of the practice team at Raglan which won the inaugural Rural General Practice of the Year Award. Her focus is firmly on rural primary care, with a special interest in mental health. She would like to see equity for all people and sees relationships with rural communities as being a vital part of that.

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Chayce Glass

Tumuaki of Te Oranga, Trainee Intern in Wellington

Ko wai au? Ko Huruiki te maunga Ko Whakapara te awa Ko Ngātokimatawhaorua te waka Ko Whakapara te marae Ko Ngāti Hau te hapū Ko Ngāpuhi te iwi.

Chayce has led the Te Oranga whānau as Tumuaki for the last three years. The organisation has achieved many things including excellent Reo Wānanga, the lifting of the EFTS cap, partnership with other medical student associations and a stronger voice for Māori medical students across the country. He has also fostered growth in the relationship with TeORA, allowing for relationships with medical training colleges in New Zealand. Chayce has fought for the voice of future Māori trainees to be heard.

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